Staging the Digital Experience – 10 Functional Steps for the New Paradigm

Staging the Digital Experience – 10 Functional Steps for the New Paradigm

Michael Smith

At InvestCloud’s User Conference, I led a session on Digital Experience. Function is the best filter for addressing methods to staging your firm’s adoption of digital communications. From the dawn of civilization approximately five thousand years ago, most of our communication was either face-to-face or in some written form. The evolution from the first written document to the printing press took over 1000 years, and from the printing press to the laser printer, it took about 500 years.  Approximately 20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee added World Wide Web to the academic Internet. Against the revolution in communications that has occurred since, all of those previous changes were just slow multi-generational evolutions. There was plenty of time to digest them and consider the changes. However, it is not the same with our digital revolution. In this short span of 20 years, we have gone from rudimentary desk-bound web sites to nearly universal wireless connectivity with engagingly graphical tablet applets, phones that can price compare products, to watches that take our pulse remind us of our appointments and tell us if our stocks are up or down.

What degree has your firm engaged with this digital revolution? This is a key question for companies to find out what they are lacking and what they need to improve on. Is your company still living with a document-only paradigm where their version of digital experience is periodic PDFs sent as email attachments? Or has your company moved into the more competitive position of delivering interactive and integrated data-driven reporting?

One of the fundamental problems for making this transition has to do with how most application software is built. Even though most vendors have some sort of web front-end on their applications now, those applications are still hardcoded, and difficult to either integrate or customize. With InvestCloud’s proprietary technology, we are able to build a platform that can be customized by business analysts. As our program does not require programmers or hardcoding, we named it Programs Writing Programs(PWPTM). Within less than five years, InvestCloud has built over 150 functional applets, with more than 4000 custom screen views of those applets for our clients. The reason why this is possible is because PWPTM allows business analysts to do within days what would take a team of programmers several months or years to do due to hard coding. As a result, InvestCloud has made it both practical and affordable for any size firm to fully engage with this new digital experience paradigm.

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