What’s Next For Client Portals: Part 1 – The Evolution

In 2010, the “cloud” began to emerge as the dominant metaphor for a storm of application functionality that was migrating to the Internet. InvestCloud lead the charge in financial applications and was unique for several reasons. Unlike a typical startup, it was started by a group of experienced industry veterans. The core management team had deep technical knowledge of the financial services industry. They understood existing enterprise applications that drove the industry and was committed to building a comprehensive, fully integrated platform that was fully cloud native.
More importantly, InvestCloud created a groundbreaking model for creating new applet functionality. As discussed in a previous post, Programs Writing Programs (PWP) makes it easy and fast to create new fit-to-purpose applets. This code generator created huge implications for the scope of possibilities for this generation of client portal functionality. In our next blog post, we will talk more about it. From the integration of cloud apps from disparate platforms, to the creation of client specific custom views, we are now seeing a scope of functional capabilities that would not have been possible under the old software paradigm.
If you would like more information on InvestCloud’s comprehensive, fully integrated financial applet platform and how it can help you create a more competitive client experience, contact us at 888-800-0188 or visit us at www.investcloud.com
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