What are the six “Ds” that financial advisors and asset managers need to know?

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Using Google’s founder, Larry Page, Tesla’s Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Peter Diamandis, the keynote speaker at TD Ameritrade’s advisor conference, talks about the six “Ds” that these exponential entrepreneurs use. See how InvestCloud incorporates these ideas to the financial service sector by clicking on image.

InvestCloud’s Navy: Next Generation Fund-of-Fund Reporting

According to the Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets 2015, assets allocated to alternative asset classes grew by $648B last year and now stands at close to $7T.  PwC is also projecting global alternative assets to increase by more than double over the next five years to $15.3T, representing 35% of assets managed by the industry. This growth in the amount of assets can be attributed to a growing number of fund choices and a larger number of allocations by institutional investors to these fund options. As stated by the Preqin Outlook, more than a third of the 12,500 investors polled have allocations to 3 or more alternative asset classes.

The Abolition of the Spreadsheet Solution

Alongside these growing commitments by institutional investors are increasing demands for greater transparency and frequency of reporting by their constituent boards and stakeholders. Against this backdrop, the predominant Excel based fund-of-fund accounting approaches will no longer work. To address this growing need, InvestCloud has developed its Navy financial applet grouping.  It is our performance reporting configuration optimized for fund-of-fund and endowment style portfolios.  Designed to integrate and simplify the complex performance reporting and data entry requirements of multi-manager, multi-asset class structures, this powerful applet group allows foundations, endowments, and other institutional mangers that employ alternative assets, to save time even as they are dramatically improving the depth and quality of their portfolio reporting.

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Growing Investment in Client Digital Experience

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A recent study released by InvestmentNews, Advisor Technology Study, examines how financial advisors are leveraging technology to make their firms more competitive. Central to meeting their firm’s goal is a greater focus on their clients’ digital experience. According to the study, there is a 50 percent growth in the number of firms emphasizing client experience. The change in …

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FinTech’s Next Top Influencer

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InvestCloud’s CEO, John Wise, has been recognized by WealthManagement.com as one of the top influencers to look out for in 2016. The wealth management industry struggles with the ability to innovate. How does Wise help to alleviate this issue? Read more by clicking on image.

How to retain next generation clients?

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Many advisors are facing the issue of losing businesses from their clients’ heirs. Find out how advisors can keep the heirs as their future clients by clicking on image.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

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Did you know? Google’s newest search algorithm emphasizes heavily on the user’s experience so being mobile friendly is the way to capture its heart. Learn more by clicking on image.